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The Ultimate

Home Buyer's Guide

For Canadians

Do You Want to Buy A Home?

The process of buying a home can be scary and intimidating experience. 

Between REALTORS, home inspectors, lawyers, bankers etc it can feel like you are learning a foreign language.  Don't make some of
the most common and costly mistakes first time home buyers make. 

Our Ultimate Home Buyer Guide is a 12 step interactive guide that will reveal all the vital information and great strategies that will
allow you to find your dream home faster and feel confident about the purchase.

In This Guide Your Will Learn:

Step 1:  Top Home Buying Questions & Answers
Step 2:  The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership
Step 3:  Monthly Home Budget Planner
Step 4:  Mortgage Lender Interview Checklist
Step 5:  Top Mortgage Application Tips
Step 6:  Agent Interview Checklist
Step 7:  Choosing the Perfect Location in 5 Steps
Step 8:  House Hunting Comparison Worksheet
Step 9:  Home Inspection Checklist
Step 10: Real Estate Lawyer Interview Checklist
Step 11: Change of Address Notification Worksheet
Step 12: Preparing to Move Checklist